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Inspiring Future Sistapreneurs

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Our Mission  Our Vision

Our Mission

We are devoted to empowering the girls in particular those from diverse ethnic and cultural communities in Birmingham. Through inspiring and fostering participation democracy, equality and active citizenship for all.

We aim to Empower, build Confidence, Self love & Nurture a 'Can Do' attitude One Teen Girl at a time

Our Vision

An increasing number of future Female Role Models and Leaders in the boardroom, Business Entrepreneurs, Authors and active citizens with a voice. Showing an inclusive and equal City, where all communities are empowered and celebrated as equal responsible citizens, achieving their full potential and advancing in life as a whole.

Aims & Objectives

  • To advance citizenship and the contribution of all communities across Birmingham by promoting equality, diversity, active citizenship and removing barriers.
  • To encourage the involvement of ethnic minorities living in the Birmingham and surrounding areas to engage in a range of projects.
  • To promote racial harmony between local residents, businesses and ethnic/cultural communities through community work, fundraising and community integration.
  • To build capacity, develop skills, confidence and accessibility through community initiatives and pathways within advocacy work.
  • To increase the advancement of female leaders from diverse ethnicities and cultures in Birmingham and eventually surrounding areas (such as Walsall, Dudley & Wolverhampton)

Our Work, Our Team 

Teen Girls Networking (TGN) are lead by a team of highly professional adult women who are qualified Teachers, Lecturers, Coaches and Business Entrepreneurs.

TGN infact are the Teen Girls themselves that join as members.

The adult leaders facilitate training workshops, and offer customised services whether one-to-one or in groups to meet the developing needs of your Teen Girls. 

All facilitators are united by the same goal which is to make a positive difference in the lives of the girls that attend, as we believe the value and importance of human connection and real genuine caring relationships is paramount in raising the self-esteem of a child. In turn her confidence and academic achievement will elevate.

As experienced professionals we also work in collaboration with other organisations to plan and design the workshops required.

All workshops will be interactive, fun, educational and engaging,

ensuring all participants get the most from the training.

We will work together to develop your Teen Girls, and plan actions in order to achieve their goals.

The networking of the Teen Girl members will bring like-minded individuals together, with many benefits such as promoting positive effects on teams, allow greater learning through discussions, develop skills, stimulate, promote and assist integration for the diverse community in Birmingham, through initiating, developing and facilitating response platforms to enable social, cultural and economic participation

increase motivation, create positive change and inspire individuals.

We empower active citizenship, skills development, positive life experiences and equality with dignity, respect and pride. 

We achieve this using the various programmes over a period of time.