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Inspiring Future Sistapreneurs​

"Always remember YOU are possible,

and can be whoever you want to be.

With Int​egrity & Authenticity. 

Your present situation is

NOT your final destination. 

The BEST is yet to come!"


 Our 1st video back after Covid 19

TGN 1st day back, new recruits

Our first day back, Session 1 of 10 FREE sessions for the girls.... and my start journey to The Gambia! Saturday 24th July 2021

Origami, Goal -Setting and a little sing-song fun!!

Sandra's full day highlighted on her YouTube Channel....What did we get up to at Teen Girls Networking????

Sandra Joseph. Interview in Marrakesh with Sistapreneurs.

Interview in the Sunshine landscape of Morocco. Talking to Sandra Joseph Founder of Teen Girls Networking CIC about all her other businesses that keeps her active, happy and extremely content with what she does. Sandra obviously Loves her work. Interviewers are Sandra Rigobert and Sophia Morgan-Genus, both business Entrepreneurs 

Sandra Joseph Teen Girls Networking feedback

General verbal feedback from the Teen Girls, Trainers 

(Audreia Joseph, Sandra Joseph & Khembe Clarke) and a couple of the parents. Thank you for your comments ladies. In Birmingham.

Sandra Joseph Facilitating an Icebreaker exercise

Sandra Facilitating for the Virtuous Young Ladies in Dudley. At the Village Hotel Dudley

African Drumming with Fieshah Amlak

Teen Girls Networking Workshop

Learning African Drumming with Fieshah Amlak

Teen Girls Networking Workshop. We sure had fun!!

Guided Meditation Introduction to the young Queens at TGN

Intro to meditation. Meditation is an important relaxation technique that has many benefits, here I am facilitating a little guided meditation to help the young Queens relax.

Teen Girls Networking CIC (TGN)

Affirmations with Teen Girls Networking CIC

Learning Affirmations with Audreia Joseph Sista Queen Team Facilitator

Sandy Joseph filming and joining in to encourage the girls participation.

Beliefs.... Empowering and disempowering

Explaining the difference between 

Empowering & Disempowering Beliefs

Teen Girls Networking CIC

Session Testimonials:- Today they did handmade card making and  (BSL) British Sign Language

Doing BSL Alphabet

Jada, learnt BSL sign language alphabet in 90 minutes. Well done Jada!

Testimonials - Teen Girls Networking CIC

Testimonials at the end of a session.

Thank You Girls!

Young Queens destined for Greatness

Teen Girls Networking CIC. Testimonials

Part 2 of  British Sign Language just a quick testimonial before they all shoot off. Another session with guest facilitator Geri Minelli. We all had a great time with our singing lesson, thanks Geri!

Testimonials from the first launch May 2018

Our very first Teen Girls Networking CIC 

session, testimonials from very shy girls

Teen Girls Networking CIC Our 1st Birthday!

Team Teen Girls Networking CIC, Sandra Joseph and  Audreia Josephs with Special Guest: -  International Dance choreographer and facilitator 

Sandra Golding  and  Special Youth Mentor Marcia Dunkley Joins us to celebrate one year in the business.

Yeay! Teen Girls is 1 year old May 25th 2019 :-)